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  • Female athlete (school or club-affiliated)
  • High school graduating class of 2024 through 2027

  • Demonstrates established or emerging leadership skills

  • Demonstrates an investment in her personal growth

  • Demonstrates a readiness to go beyond her comfort zone

Nomination Deadline: March 15th, 2024
Eligible Nominators:
  • High School Coaches (School or Club-Affiliated)
  • High School Athletic Admins
Note: Sessions enroll on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students who are nominated earlier will have a better opportunity at enrolling in their first-choice session.


Girls Leadership Academy for

Service & Sport

An international leadership development program designed to help high school female athletes unleash their full potential on and off the field of play.

Each 10-Day Session Includes:

  • Sports-performance training

  • Service-learning projects

  • Leadership development workshops

  • Mentorship from former NCAA student-athletes

  • Culturally-immersive adventure!


One-of-a-kind. Life-changing. Empowering.

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Nomination Process



We reach out to high school coaches across the US and Canada asking them to nominate the leaders and emerging leaders in their athletic programs.



All nominees receive an email invitation notifying them of their nomination. They will then work with one of our enrollment advisors to decide if GLASS is the right fit for them.



If a nominee decides to attend, she will join 20-30 other students for the session of her choice and embark on her leadership adventure in Costa Rica!

Nomination Process

What People Say

"GLASS improved me as a person, and I notice, even in everyday life, how I absolutely am a better, more confident leader. You cannot get a life-changing experience this amazing anywhere else."

Adella D.


"As a coach, it sounded good, but I just didn't know. I hoped this would offer her a transformative experience and not just a cushy vacation. She somehow got both and so much more. They had lots of fun, but Reilly came back more confident than when she left. The outings and the beach trips were totally earned and the training and insight from college athletes inspiring."

Taryn R.


"GLASS was transformative for Erin. The whole experience allowed her to step outside of her comfort zone and learn so much about herself and her potential. The mentors were amazing role models. She returned energized and confident. She absolutely loved the experience. Worth every penny!"

Maura D.



Our students return home with...

  • greater confidence and independence

  • enhanced understandings of the leadership skills learned through sport

  • a dynamic network of stand-out peers and mentors

  • broader awarenesses of other communities and cultures

  • stimulated senses of adventure

  • What does GLASS stand for?
    The Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport
  • What sports do you offer training programs for?
    Our sports-performance training is applicable to athletes from all all sports. We focus on athletic aspects such as speed, agility, quickness, and more! While in Costa Rica, we also do our best to offer students optional sport-specific training blocks, so students have the opportunity to maintain their sport-specific skills while abroad.
  • Do I need to speak Spanish?
    A Spanish language ability is not required for participation in GLASS. However, students interested in learning or practicing Spanish will have the opportunity to do so! During our service-learning sessions, students will engage directly with the local communities. Those with a Spanish language background will be able to refine their communication skills. Those who are new to the language will receive basic vocabulary and phrases, so they can also take part in the language learning opportunity.
  • Do I need any vaccines or additional shots to travel to Costa Rica?
    No vaccinations or special shots are required for travel to Costa Rica. Please consult your physician for any specific individual recommendations prior to traveling. The COVID-19 vaccine is not currently required for our Costa Rica programs––that is subject to change based on local mandates in Costa Rica. You can learn more about our COVID-19 considerations here:
  • What if I have any allergies or dietary restrictions?
    During the enrollment process, students and their families will complete our Student Health Form where they will submit information about food allergies and restrictions. While most allergies can be easily accommodated, in some cases we may request a phone call to discuss allergies or dietary restrictions in greater detail.
  • What happens if I become sick or injured while in Costa Rica?
    Students are covered by CISI Health Insurance, a world leader in study abroad travel insurance. All accommodations are within 20 minutes of a private hospital in case of illness, accidents, or injuries. Costa Rica’s private hospitals are staffed by world-class physicians, many of whom attended medical school in the United States. For minor health concerns, we may utilize local clinics. We always encourage students to notify a staff member as soon as they are feeling unwell so that we can provide appropriate care and seek a medical professional if necessary.
  • How many staff members will be present at all times?
    We maintain (at least) a 6:1 student-to-staff ratio throughout the program. Our staff is also available 24 hours a day.
  • Is Costa Rica safe?
    Costa Rica is a tourism-friendly country and Beyond Sports has 13 years of experience hosting students in Costa Rica. You will find just how true this is when you experience the incredibly warm and welcoming local people and a culture that emphasizes relationships, family, and hospitality. While Costa Rica is a friendly country, students will participate in an orientation upon arrival to cover topics such as safety while abroad. Students will also be accompanied by GLASS Mentors throughout the program. We maintain a 6:1 student-to-staff ratio.
  • When is the application deadline?
    Although there is no set deadline for applications, spots will fill up fast, so we encourage you to fill out the application as soon as possible.
  • What are the steps of the application and admission process?
    Please view our application page for more details:
  • Do I need to know Spanish in order to be accepted?
    Spanish language ability is not required to be eligible for GLASS.
  • Do I need to be a certain age or in a certain grade to be eligible?
    The Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport is for high school female athletes. This includes any female athlete who is entering her freshman year of high school through girls who have just graduated and are about to enter their freshman year of college.
  • What are the credit and refund opportunities?
    Please refer to our Credit & Refund Policies page.
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Thank you in advance for your support of our mission to empower female leaders!


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