GLASS is an opportunity for all.



We are a mission-driven organization that believes in the transformative powers of sports, service, and global engagement. Each year, we are first-hand witnesses to the life-changing impact of our programs. When students travel independently, immerse themselves in a foreign culture, and surround themselves with like-minded peers and mentors, they return home with an entirely new outlook on life. 

We believe these life-changing opportunities should be and can be available to all students.


We provide fundraising and scholarship resources to all students. Our team is also equipped to work with each student to help them meet their individual funding needs. 

"This experience brought out the best in our daughter. As she completed her junior year of high school, she studied, found a part-time job because she wanted to help pay for this once-in-a-lifetime experience herself!"

Parent of Marissa L.



Fundraising is a huge component of making the seemingly impossible, possible! We have a fundraising guide that compiles our best tips and tricks for meeting fundraising goals. Please complete the form below to receive your own copy of the GLASS Fundraising Guide. 


Prior to beginning the fundraising process, we advise that each student speaks with her enrollment advisor to create a fundraising plan. The biggest key to fundraising success is establishing a plan.  Upon request, our team works with each student to establish a goal, a strategy, and a timeline. 

Fundraising Guide Request Form

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GLASS Scholarships: All students are eligible to apply for up to $1000 in GLASS scholarship. Our scholarship application is essay-based and features four, stackable awards of $250. Students gain access to this application once they've been accepted to our program through our nomination or application process. 

External Scholarships: Because of limited internal scholarships, we encourage students to apply for external scholarships as well. There are organizations on the local, regional, and national levels that help students pursue personal-enrichment summer programming. Inquire with your enrollment advisor about organizations that we have worked with in the past. We also recommend that you reach out to your coaches and school guidance counselor to see if they are aware of any funding opportunities in your area. 

If you have more questions about affording GLASS, please schedule a call to speak with a member of our team. We truly work to make this an attainable experience for everyone!