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Costa Rica

An opportunity for your athletes to unlock their inner confidence and achieve their full potential as athletes and leaders.


What is GLASS?

The Girls Leadership Academy for Service & Sport (GLASS) is a leadership development program for high school female athletes. Hosted in Costa Rica, each 10-day summer session includes leadership workshops, sports training, service-learning and adventure!

This program is designed for standout and emerging leaders in high school girls athletics who demonstrate qualities such as an investment in their personal growth, an investment in their peers, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

Students return home from GLASS with:

  • Enhanced confidence and independence

  • An advanced understanding of the leadership skills learned through sports

  • A network of standout peers and mentors

  • Greater awareness of other communities and cultures

  • A stimulated sense of adventure!

The industry leader in travel for athletes.



Year Established


Beyond Sports Alumni


Program Destinations


Restoring What's Been Lost

Today's youth have navigated a complex terrain––marked by significant adversities that have had an undeniable impact on their confidence. 

As experts in leveraging sports and travel as vehicles to unleash confidence in athletes––we launched GLASS in 2019 to restore what's been lost. Students return from this 10-day program with a reignited inner fire and the skill sets to empower in their peers in their home communities.

Program Highlights

10-Days, 9-Nights | June 2024

  • All inclusive package––including all hotel lodging, three meals per day, and all excursions.

  • Six leadership development workshops, designed for student-athletes

  • Coaching and mentoring from former standout NCAA female athletes

  • Four service-learning activities in the local communities of Costa Rica

  • A full-country tour of Costa Rica––capital city, rainforest, and the beach

  • 24/7 Beyond Sports staff accompaniment​ and full-coverage international health insurance

Nomination Process

Nomination Deadline: March 15, 2024



We are looking standout leaders high school girls athletics. All nominees receive an guaranteed admission to our sports leadership program.



All nominees will be connected with one of our team members to discuss any questions before deciding if they'd like to take advantage of this opportunity.



If a nominee decides to attend, our team will work with the athlete and her family to make sure she is ready to go for the adventure of a lifetime!


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Program Alum

"I absolutely loved this trip and it was truly the best experience of my life! I always felt safe everywhere we went and I gained so much confidence in myself. I am now a more positive and courageous women and I am going to bring all of the skills and knowledge back to my teammates. I learned many valuable life lessons through GLASS."


High School Coach

"As a coach, it sounded good, but I just didn't know. I hoped this would offer her a transformative experience and not just a cushy vacation. She somehow got both and so much more. They had lots of fun, but Reilly came back more confident than when she left. The outings and the beach trips were totally earned and the training and insight from college athletes inspiring."


Parent of Program Alum

"My daughter keeps telling people that, 'It was the experience of a lifetime, the best thing I've ever done.' To hear these words every time that someone asks makes it worth the cost and nerves of sending her abroad."

Former GLASS Mentors

Each summer, GLASS is staffed by former standout NCAA athletes––selected for the exemplary leadership demonstrated throughout their career.

Coach FAQs

What is the cost of this program?​

The program cost is $3295––which includes all meals, all lodging, all programming, and international health insurance.

If cost is prohibitive, we do have fundraising and scholarship resources available to assist students.

What's the value of this experience?

GLASS unlocks confidence in athletes––both on and off the field of play. This is an opportunity for young adults to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone, meet likeminded peers and mentors, and return home with remarkable memories of adventure!​

Can family travel with my student-athlete?

Yes, family members are welcome to travel with their daughter. Any accompanying family members are responsible for making their own hotel, transportation, and activity arrangements while in Costa Rica.

How many student-athletes can I nominate?

Coaches can nominate up to three student-athletes per team. We are looking for standout and emerging leaders in high school girls athletics.

If I nominate a student-athlete, are they required to attend?

No, attendance is not required. Once a student is nominated, she'll be connected with one of our enrollment coordinators to learn more about this program. She and her family will have the opportunity to decide if this is a good fit for her.

What is the right age for this program?

For this tour, we are enrolling student-athletes in the graduating classes of 2024 through 2027. 

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