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Airplane Above the Clouds


Health and Safety

We have you covered.

GLASS is typically a first-time experience for our students––first-time flying, first-time flying independently, or first-time flying internationally.​  We ensure that this first-time experience is comfortable, for students and parents alike, by making ourselves accessible and sharing detailed preparation information, well in advance of your program.

As you prepare for the travel component of your GLASS experience, we want you to know:

  • You're not alone. Our team will support you throughout the pre-departure process––whether that's answering your questions, reminding you of upcoming deadlines, or scheduling a phone call with you to discuss any concerns you have about flying.

  • Preparation is key. As athletes, we all know the importance of preparation. Preparation can make large tasks feel small.  From the day you register to the day you depart, we dedicate our time to preparing you for this international travel experience––be sure to take advantage of the preparation opportunities we share!

  • This is a part of the experience. A key aspect of the GLASS experience is stepping outside your comfort zone. When we are outside our comfort zones, we open ourselves up to immense growth opportunities. Our goal is to provide an 'outside the comfort zone' opportunity that is safe and worth the investment. 

Flight Booking Process Overview

Students participating in our Costa Rica programs are responsible for booking their own airfare to San Jose, Costa Rica and from Liberia, Costa Rica.


Once enrolled in a GLASS Costa Rica session, you can begin looking for flights through Google Flights or directly through your preferred airline. Although we recommend that you book your flights around 8-10 weeks prior to the start of your session, you are able to purchase your flight as early as you’d like.


Please keep in mind that airfare refund and credit options vary depending on the airlines and fare (ticket) type. 

Step 1 | Check Passport Status

Your passport needs to remain valid throughout the duration of your program. We recommend that your passport is valid for at least three months after your departure from Costa Rica.


When checking your passport, it is also important to note exactly how your name appears on the passport information page. It is imperative that your flight ticket reflects the same name that is shown on your passport. For example, if your passport’s ‘Given Name’ includes your first and middle name, be sure to include both when booking your flight.


If you do not have a passport or need to renew your passport, please visit the following website to take the appropriate next steps -- Please apply as soon as possible because these processes can take 10 to 12 weeks.


Once you confirm that your passport is valid through the end of your GLASS session, please email a photo of your passport to our Director of Operations, Megan (

Step 2 | Book a Flight

Booking your flight can be done online using Google Flights or through various airline websites and apps. We recommend Google Flights as a starting point because you can compare flight itineraries from multiple airlines. You can access Google Flights here:

Before purchasing your ticket, please double-check the following information:

  • Your Name: The name on your flight ticket should match the name on your passport.

  • Dates: The arrival and departure dates of your ticket should match the start and end date of your session. For example, if your GLASS session is June 21st - June 30th, then you should be arriving in Costa Rica on June 21st and departing on June 30th.

  • Destination: All students will fly into San Jose (SJO), Costa Rica and out of Liberia (LIR), Costa Rica.

  • Arrival Time: Please make sure your flight arrives at SJO between 9AM - 11PM on your session’s start date. 

  • Departure Time: Please make sure your flight departs from LIR between 5AM - 4PM on your session’s end date. 

Step 3 | Share Your Itinerary

Once you book your flight, it is important to communicate your itinerary details to our GLASS team so we can coordinate your in-country travel arrangements. Our staff will greet you upon arrival and accompany you to the airport for departure. Please follow the steps below to ensure our team has all of the necessary information:

  1. Save Your Itinerary - Download & save a copy (or take a screenshot) of your flight itinerary. Please make sure that the following information is visible in the photo:

    • Airline(s)

    • Confirmation Code(s)

    • Originating Airport

    • Arrival & Departure Flight Details (including arrival and departure dates, times, & flight numbers)

  2. Email Your Itinerary to our Team - Please email a copy of your flight itinerary to our Director of Operations, Megan (

Step 4 | Prepare for Your Trip

Once you book your flight and you upload your passport & flight information to your account, we handle the rest!


About 6 weeks before your session, we email you a Pre-Departure Guide which will help you navigate the international travel component of GLASS. It also includes important information such as staff contact info, a packing list, COVID-19 considerations, and other important reminders.

In the weeks leading up to your trip, it is important that you continue to monitor your flight itinerary. Please communicate any flight itinerary changes with Megan via email ( We recommend that you download your airline’s app and sign up for email or text notifications so you don’t miss any itinerary changes. 

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