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Each summer, students return home from GLASS with a spark. They are alive with a newfound confidence in their abilities to lead their own lives, and they are equipped with the skills to empower those around them.

The value of this experience is noticed by parents, coaches, and the students themselves. Learn more below.


20230711_144538-a127 - Sahara Schneider.jpg

Sahara S.

Trinidad & Tobago | Track

"It was unforgettable. Go for it.  You meet amazing friends and make genuine connections. The mentors are also an amazing resource while your there and I appreciated having them."

20230629_222401_F1C9C0 - Anna Mosciano.jpeg

Anna M.

Virginia | Field Hockey

"I really liked the environment that I was surrounded by.  I felt safe to be myself, everybody was really accepting and open. My main concern was traveling by myself for the first time, but when I found out there’d be other girls with me on the plane I felt a lot more relaxed. I would say to future students to see if other girls are on your same flight and if not then to just enjoy growing as person with the experience of flying alone."

Abi Surfing Picture (2) - ABIGAIL SCHMIDT.jpeg

Abi S.

Iowa | Basketball, Track, VB

"I absolutely loved this trip and it was truly the best experience of my life! I loved everything about this trip including the excursions, service, leadership workshops, and workouts. I always felt safe everywhere we went and I gained so much confidence in myself. I am now a more positive and courageous women and I am going to bring all of the skills and knowledge back to my teammates. I learned many valuable life lessons through GLASS."


Leilani B.

Illinois | Volleyball

"The daily leadership workshops taught us what it means to be a leader and how to become one. They really helped me have a more positive attitude towards life. They also helped me become more social, expressive, and confident."


Adella D.

Michigan | XC, Track

"The mentors surprised me most when it came to GLASS. They are some of the greatest people I’ve ever met—so willing to share their stories, successes, and mistakes, and it’s all to help us learn and be prepared in life. These are people who genuinely care about and want the best for us, despite the fact we’ve only met them in person for a week."


Meredith S.

Pennsylvania | XC, Track

"I was so happy when I discovered that on the trip we would be doing community service that had a lasting impact because it’s something I had wanted to be involved in for so long. It was so incredible to see that the GLASS girls were really making a difference there, each session at a time."


Jade L.

Wisconsin | Swim

"I was so scared to leave home and had this constant fear of being homesick prior to leaving. This changed the second the staff hugged me at the airport. That hug put my anxiety to rest. I would tell students that are having the same fear as me that it is okay to be scared, it’s scary! It’s going to be hard leaving home, but the second you meet the mentors it will start to become a little easier step-by-step. Leaving is the hardest part. Once I pushed through my fears, I grew and developed so much. I now feel so empowered and want to help empower others."

ashley b_edited.jpg

Ashley B.

Oregon | XC, Track

“My favorite part of GLASS was the experience of strangers from all over the country coming together and becoming a true family. The positive community of confident leaders makes it such an amazing place to really grow as individuals.”


Dani K.

New Jersey | Swim

"Initially, I believed GLASS primarily revolved around service, athletics, and enjoying Costa Rica; while GLASS did prioritize all of that, I was graciously surprised with all the leadership focus and how much I learned about myself. I feel much more confident in my own skin, and reflecting back, I see how much my character developed and will continue to develop because of GLASS."


Kathryn O.

New York | Softball

"I think GLASS was really an opportunity to reach out of my comfort zone and it was certainly something that surprised me even when I got home. The program offers you so many experiences to step out of your comfort zone and create new and amazing habits to carry on in the future."


Lydia Z.

California | XC, Track

"I was able to experience so many new things in such a positive atmosphere, and I was encouraged to not only explore and push myself but also embrace my authentic self and remain comfortable and confident. I am also so thankful to forever be part of the GLASS family because it is such a supportive community, and I know they will always be here to support me."


Jaci P.

Texas | Volleyball, Cheer

"I was so surprised, upon arrival, to love each of the mentors and students so quickly. The commonality between us all was a goal to empower and serve and we all did it so well."


Emma W.

Washington | Swim

"I was surprised by how GLASS made me grow exponentially. I liked the leadership workshops best. I had a whole new mindset when I returned home. I learned how to goal set efficiently and improve my leadership skills based on the type of leader I was. "


Eden H.

Tennessee | Soccer

"I loved the entire itinerary of the trip! I would recommend GLASS because it allowed me how to learn and grow, as a person and athlete, in a super positive environment. So much was taught in just 10 days and every single activity helped me to become a better leader".


Janet D.

Illinois | Basketball

"My worst fear was not forming connections with the rest of the girls or not enjoying my time here. Fortunately, that did not happen so I would say don’t be afraid to be your true self and come into the session open-minded! What I loved most were the friendships that I formed during this session. The activities, workouts, and workshops were amazing but the connections were the best."


20230626_004453_2283B4 - Quincey Schneckloth.jpeg

Parent of...

Quincey S.

Iowa | XC, Basketball, Soccer

"Seriously the best experience for a high school athlete!  10/10 recommend. The whole process went smoothly with great communication and care for the girls. The excursions, leadership work, physical training, service projects… All of it-so awesome! "


Parent of...

Cassidy D.

Utah | Swim

"The growth that happened in our daughter was beyond our highest expectations. She grew up during this week in Costa Rica. She has a greater appreciation for what she has and all the blessings she enjoys daily, her confidence in traveling internationally surprised all of us. The leadership classes have helped in her mindset regarding swimming. This was amazing and SO very worth it.


The solo international travel was our biggest worry and would she make friends and feel comfortable. The GLASS travel guide helped ease her and our fears of traveling alone. I would tell other parents to let them go and you will get to watch them grow in ways you can't even fathom."


20230622_162837_B89029 - Ellie Mangold.jpeg

Parent of...

Ellie M.

Wisconsin | Basketball, Soccer

"It was such a great combination from the aspects of leadership, community service, sports activities and workouts. I also think the preparation for the girls and the parents I felt was very strong.

My biggest fear was getting from home to Costa Rica. I knew once they got to Costa Rica. They would be fine but my biggest fear was getting from Chicago to Costa Rica. Knowing she had experience traveling and communicating where she was along the way and how organized GLASS was in checking in with the girls made this smoother process."


Parent of...

Sage S.

Colorado | Swim, Lacrosse

"My daughter keeps telling people that, 'It was the experience of a lifetime, the best thing I've ever done.' To hear these words every time that someone asks makes it worth the cost and nerves of sending her abroad. She read us her journal in the car front to back and told us all that she learned about being a leader and how much she learned about herself."


Parent of...

Virginia M.

Florida | Soccer

"I felt my daughter might be too young to travel internationally alone. While outgoing and very intelligent, Virginia has always been a "homebody". GLASS is so well organized, detailed and the staff is nurturing making it for an easy transition and the adventure was 100% success! I would highly recommend GLASS as it is a program where young women learn independence, empowerment, and self-worth in a beautiful and safe setting."


Parent of...

Nashaya V.

Utah | Soccer

"Nashya came back home, inspired to do great things, not just in sports but school and community. She was motivated to reach out and expand herself beyond her comfort zone. She came back with such confidence—thank you."


Parent of...

Kimberly P.

Illinois | Basketball

"My main concern as a parent was my daughter not being able to feel comfortable or safe. However, asking multiple questions and seeing how well organized this program was made me feel more calm and secure. I would advise parents to simply not be afraid to make questions and get all their concerns cleared out before the trip. It’s not just an opportunity to travel. My daughter came back speaking about how to become a more confident person. This program is incredible."

erin d_edited.jpg

Parent of...

Erin D.

New York | XC

"The GLASS program was transformative for Erin. The GLASS mentors were amazing role models for the girls.  Erin made lasting friendships with the girls and mentors. She came home energized and confident. She absolutely loved the experience. It was worth every penny!"

marissa l.jpg

Parent of...

Marissa L.

New Jersey | XC

"There was something about the mentorship and support this program provided. Marissa came home a different person with more confidence in all aspects of her life, and a focus on leadership she took back to her cross country team, as well as helped her focus on the bigger picture in life, and being able to look beyond high school to what she could do in her life."



Coach Thompson

Texas | Swim

"I have been working with Presley the past three years to try and develop her leadership and I was not able to break through to the potential that I saw. I recommended to her your leadership program. I have to say that when she returned she was, and still is, on fire. Over the past few days, Presley and I have had very deep and meaningful conversations. Presley has a new vision for both herself and her team. I wanted to thank you and your staff for finding and igniting her fire. Thank you again for everything y'all have done for her, her team, and her future."

Coach Miller

Michigan | XC

"Our girls ENJOYED and VALUED your program.  This was expressed to me by both the girls and (unsolicited) by their parents."

Coach Hall

Alaska | XC, Track

"As a coach, it sounded good, but I just didn't know. I hoped this would offer her a transformative experience and not just a cushy vacation. She somehow got both and so much more. They had lots of fun, but Reilly came back more confident than when she left. The outings and the beach trips were totally earned and the training and insight from college athletes inspiring."

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