Established in Poughkeepsie, New York

We are partnered with NorthStar Sports to provide high quality training that accommodates to the positional needs of our athletes. As NorthStar Crossover Trainers, our team of GLASS Mentors ensures that each athlete understands how exercises and drills directly translate or "crossover" to her sport.

Our mission is to help each athlete achieve her full potential on and off the field of play.

By joining forces with NorthStar Sports, we have committed ourselves to transforming athletes and unleashing their full potential.

We share a vision to empower athletes through sport. By combining our missions, we aim to help individuals become the best versions of themselves.


NorthStar Sports Crossover Training implements techniques to help athletes understand how exercises and drills directly translate to sport. NorthStar Crossover Trainers are conscientious of an athlete's positional needs and using sport-specific vocabulary to convey goals and objectives. NorthStar athletes experience seamless transitions from their conditioning sessions to game-play situations. 

All GLASS Mentors are certified NorthStar Sports Crossover Trainers.

"As a big NorthStar girl, I think that having it at GLASS was important and impactful. Everybody should have a chance to see and understand training in the way NorthStar provides.”
— Kathryn O. GLASS Alumni & NorthStar Athlete

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